Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hands off the rims, bub.

Suprise, suprise. Escalades are eight times more likely to be stolen than the average new car. Guess I'll put off buying it for another year. Although, if you live in St. Louis, they'll steal anything they can drive. Trust me on this one.


Blogger Joe said...

I knew at least three people who had their cars stolen in St. Louis over a two-year period. They were all crappy cars. They just love stealing cars there. A typical night out in the Lou: Catch a baseball game, eat some toasted ravioli and frozen custard, and steal an '89 Honda Accord.

The worst that happened to me: Someone stole an old coat out of my girlfriend's car. They didn't take anything else. Shit man, that person was probably really cold. They can have that coat.

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