Monday, October 18, 2004

Muggers like girl-on-girl action ...

A police department in Utah has started cataloging the porn of suspected criminals: "(Gangs) have certain clothes they wear, markings on their houses, tattoos," Bilodeau said. "Like gangs, people who use pornography have associated traits, and we'll define them so we can link them to crimes and pornography."

Huh? So is this police chief really suggesting that the type of porn you find in someone's home is linked to their criminal activity? I'll grant him one point: people who use pornography" do have a trait in common: they're guys.

I eagerly await the findings of these officers. "We found that most muggers preferred asian girl-on-girl action. But purse snatchers liked German hardcore. Con men also preferred asian girl-on-girl action, so we're looking for a link between the muggers and con men in town."


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