Monday, October 18, 2004

Stoner Gangs?

I'm calling bullshit on this one until someone can prove me wrong. I'm going through last week's LA Daily News series on street gangs, when I come across this sentence: "There also are 31 Asian gangs; 16 are ''stoner'' gangs that tend toward Gothic dress and rave parties; and eight are white gangs. "

And my first thought was: Stoner gangs in Gothic clothes who go to raves? Bullshit!

And after a Google search, I haven't changed my mind yet. There are some reputable, reasonable sites that mention Stoner gangs as a serious problem. But far more sites read like this. Complete bullshit.

The most reasonable thing I've read on these alleged stoner gangs is this: "In 1984, another type of Hispanic gang developed as an alternative to street gangs.  The Stoner gangs formed, and much of the membership of these gangs was Hispanic.  Based on heavy metal music and drug use, these gangs gained a quick, but not long-lasting, popularity.  Stoner gangs shared many behaviors with more traditional Hispanic street gangs.  Therefore, Stoner gangs were not immune to the violence associated with gang life.  They just directed their violent tendencies toward other Stoner gangs and among themselves."

So, we're pretty much just talking about Suicidal Tendencies fans, right? Do you think the Stoner Gangs of today really dress in Gothic Clothing and go to raves? In 2004? I CALL BULLSHIT! After I write to the authors of the piece, I'll let you know where their sources are for Hispanic gang members in black clothing and nailpolish dancing to deep house.

PS -- I found the LA Daily News story through In the Hat. I recommend the site.


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