Thursday, October 28, 2004

Stopping crime the Apartheid way

Check out this paragraph:

Judith Stockhill, a council member for the [fence]-laden Sandhurst neighborhood, says she is annoyed by the argument that fences and gates exclude blacks to make whites feel safe. Most victims in her area, she said, are black workers
commuting on foot ...

Yeah, this is set in racist ol' South Africa. But why are we casting stones all the way over there? In my own city of St. Louis (hell, in my neighborhood) wealthy white folks own private, gated streets in the middle of the freaking city. There are parts of the Central West End where you have to go several blocks out of your way to move one block east, since the roads are blocked off. And wouldn't you know, those oradblocks divide white neighborhoods from black ones. I'm sorry, I mean safe neighborhoods from crime-risk neighborhoods.


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