Friday, October 08, 2004

Tupac: so very, very dead.

I won't be posting this often normally, but I want to have anyone who stumbles onto this thing to have plenty to read. Gotta hook those readers, you know.

This is an article that, now that this thing is up, I'd publish here instead of my music column. Sure, it's about music, but it's much more about crime: that is, the boiling kettle of music, money, sex, drugs and murder that was the mid-90s rap scene. The killing of Tupac Shakur has spawned dozens of theories, many of which have seen at least some validation in print. Most of them fall apart pretty easily. The one that has the most cultural currency is that Suge Knight ordered the hit on Tupac, to get out of paying Tupac some royalties or because Tupac was planning on leaving Death Row Records. Here's my nut graf about that:

Knight was in the car when 2Pac was shot, catching a bullet fragment in his
head. The gunman was firing directly at both of the men in the car (although
2Pac was the obvious target, and the fact that he tried to dive into the
backseat may have been what saved Suge's life). No matter how much of a badass
you think Knight is, can you really conceive of anyone planning a murder that
puts them directly into the line of fire?

It's interesting that there really isn't that much about Biggie Smalls's death. There's a couple of reasons for that: 1). Tupac died first, so there's more of a question about motive. Whoever pulled the trigger on Biggie almost certainly did it in retaliation for Tupac's murder. 2). Tupac worked much harder in life to construct his own mythos. 3). Tupac was one sexy motherfucker.

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