Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who's the cool criminal now?

The other side of the coin from my earlier post on the 'coolness' of crime: who's the cool criminal these days? Part of my central beliefs about crime (and it's not original, so don't sue me) is that crime is the central mythos of our culture. From Jesse James to Al Capone to Michael Corleone to Tony Montana to John Gotti to Monster Kody, we've always had our favorites of the moment.

Is it still gangbangers? I guess so, although its missing the cultural weight that it had in the early 90s, when Menace II Society and N.W.A made everyone stand up and take notice. It could come back, though. Especially after buying Grand Theft Auto 3 (finally). What a game! It allows you to totally submerge yourself into your 'banger charecter, going so far as to allow you to customize your car and looks. My guy, thanks for asking, is a bald, bearded shirtless buff guy with sunglasses and tats. (I modeled him after the aorementioned Monster Kody). I also got him a convertable low rider in his gang color (green), with shiny rims and hydraulics. And I love it.

Speaking of gang tats, here's a place to search for your gang ink.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hackers, dood, hackers. They've sort of lived at the fringes of the culture for a while, but electronic crime is still in its infancy. The real question will be whether electronic crime, utilizing DDOS attacks and buffer overflow exploits (instead of AK's), is sexy enough to inherit the throne.

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