Thursday, December 23, 2004

Pickpocket News and pickpocket news

Regular readers know we flip out over tales of pickpocketing ... like this one in today's NY Daily News. Light-fingered folks are dipping plenty over there in New York. Check out the dip's slang at the bottom. And if this doesn't tilt you, you're at the wrong website:

The worst of them are so slick that some cops believe they were trained at a
legendary crime college in South America - the School of the Seven Bells.
The school, said to be in Colombia, has never been visited by a U.S. law
enforcement official, and many believe it does not exist.
But as the legend
goes, the final test at the school involves a teacher posing as a mark, his body
booby-trapped with seven small bells, each strategically placed. To graduate,
students must slip valuables from several pockets without ringing any of the

That's electric right there. Sign me up! The Pen is ready to expatriate to go to crime school!
In Pickpocket news, we've got a thick stack of pages sitting at our feet as we type ... revision time!


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