Saturday, February 19, 2005

Well, if I knew he was THAT bad ...

Continuing the thread on metal murder massacres (band name!):

You must read this hilarious site to find out about all of the crimes and evil caused by Marilyn Manson.

I know, I know: Old hat. But doing some research on murder and bands (more on that later), I caught myself checking out some MM. And that led me to this site. It's long, so here's probably the most important nugget of info on the man:

He smokes human bones.


And if you're wondering what this has to do with crime, remember:these people blame Manson for Columbine. Say what you will about his music, but at his peak that man was really, really good at pissing people off.

EDIT: And, to give you an idea of just how cool I thought I was back in the day, I saw Marilyn Manson open up for Nine Inch Nails, and after the show I met Marilyn and had him sign my t-shirt: a glow in the dark portrait of Charles Manson with the words "Is it hot in here or am I just crazy?" The shirt was passed on to some younger person a long time ago.


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