Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Last of a kind ...

My grandfather died on Monday. Yesterday, I wrote his obituary for the local paper. There were some things I had to leave out, like his love of off-color humor or his Ozark-bred mistrust of organized religion (two traits that were combined in the phrase he used when I'd beat him at poker: "Luckier than a two-peckered preacher." He was a really good man. When Johnny Cash died last year, I knew that Grandpa didn't have muchh time left. They were too alike, and that time in America is over now.

He was a prison guard (or "corrections officer," if you prefer) for twenty years, from 1963 until 1983. There are some stories about that time in his life that I'll tell here sometime, but not today. There won't be any updates here for a while, as I'm going directly from his funeral to Austin for South By Southwest. Life is odd.


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Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

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