Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Watch me lose all credibility

I love a good crime movie as much as anyone, of course. But it turns out that I also like a bad one. Anyway, I watched a large chunk of Bad Boys II last night, and it was wonderfully entertaining. Mindless, yes, and with a few "emotional" moments that had no business being in the idiotic film. But some of the comedy was funny, and the action scenes were amazingly over the top. How about a car chase where the bad guys are in a truck loaded with cars ... cars that they unload onto the highway for cops to dodge? And then, just a bit later, another car chase (natch)in which the bad guys are driving a morgue wagon, and dump corpses onto the road (one of which is decapitated by the cop car chasing)? Top notch!

Rating it on netflix, I see that all of the movies it is lumped with (Gone in 60 Seconds, XxX, Leathal Weapon 4) are all movies I hate. But this one worked. Maybe it's cause I didn't see all of it.

Once again, the movie is stupid as hell. But it was far better than most of the action films that I've seen recently (The Punisher, the Hulk, the last two Matrix movies). Next time you need to unplug your brain, check it out.

EDIT: After reading some reviews, I'm going to guess it really is because I didn't see all of it. I had no idea the sucker is 2 1/2 hours long.


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