Thursday, March 24, 2005

Wendy gets fingered

This isn't really very "true crime," but what about that woman who found a finger in her bowl of chili?

Let's think about this. There's three ways this finger could have gotten in there:

1). A digit lost during the chili's processing. This is what the Health Department is looking at now. But, surely, even with food processing plants being dirty, would they really not "stop the presses" if someone lost a finger?

2). The finger wound up in the chili pot at Wendy's. Doesn't seem likely, right?

3). Someone placed the finger in the bowl. Remember the old Saturday Night Live episode where Pee Wee Herman looked for a mouse in a Coke bottle so he could win a million-billion-trillion dollars?

If example three isn't what happened, can you imagine how much money Wendy's is going to be paying this woman. I'd take a bite of finger for that much money.


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