Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Daredevil fights rednecks, wins.

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Just picked up issue three of Daredevil Redemption, the "Daredevil solves the West Memphis 3" series. I thought the first two issues were pretty shallow and simplistic, but they pale in comparison to issue three. I'll put it to you straight: writer David Hine's work is lazy, bordering on laughable. While the Marvel Knights label is supposed to indicate rich, adult writing, Hine has imbued his fictional West Memphis denizens with the intelligence, moral fiber and dimensions of an '80s-era Rhino. Get this: them dumb rednecks go to church! And they burn horror books! And they're hypocrites! I can picture Hine, after a hard day of vomiting Level One stereotypes onto the page, then leaning back and thinking to himself: "Ah, that'll teach 'em for voting for Bush."

Once again, it's the simplicity of his writing that irritates me. As someone noted in a comment to a previous post, complexity in comics is certainly possible (I just finished re-reading From Hell, so I know what comics can do with criminal historical fiction).

I should add that Michael Gaydos' artwork is pretty good, though I hope for his sake he's tired of drawing slack-jawed yokels. I mean, Jesus, man, it's this kind of shit that makes the West Memphis Three appear guilty: the brash, visible prejudices of supporters who need to reduce everyone in the town to redneck dipshits in order to make their theory work.

Fuck, it just pisses me off. I grew up in a fairly redneck area, and I know it can suck balls and that some people can be thickheaded Jesus freaks. But one thing I've learned since I was seventeen and angry is that stupidity knows no dogma. There are dumb Christians; there are dumb atheists. Some people are drooling Bible-beaters, others are aura-sniffing hippy waterheads. Jackbooted mouth-breathers and Starbucks-bombing anarchist imbeciles. There are morons at gas stations in Memphis, and dunderfucked radical college professors in Boulder. Sansabelted Republican chowderbrains in Springfield, MO, and half-witted Hollywood Democrats.

Arrgh! But here's the other side of the coin: not everyone in the rural south is a chromosome-deficient mongoloid. David Hine, you lazy, lazy person ... have you ever met any people like the ones you're writing about? Cut that weak shit out. You're lucky enough to be employed writing comic books ... how about doing something that isn't just coughing up simplistic propaganda? Christ, I won't be surprised if he makes the preacher the real killer at the end. Gawd.

End of rant.


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