Friday, April 22, 2005

The Dipshits Come Out at Night.

Read this profile of club promoters in the Miami scene to get an idea of how lucky you are not to be rich and beautiful. One of the featured promoters, Michael Robbins, got his start with ex-mobster turned club promoter Chris Paciello, who dealt drugs with "Lord" Michael Caruso, who was also a dealer/promoter at Tunnel with Michael Alig, the club kid who famously dismembered drug dealer Angel Menendez, for those of you keeping track at home.

Here is a Brett Easton Ellis-worthy quote from the Miami New Times article.

"This is what the game is all about, selling wealthy people the idea of an exclusive world of beauty and sex. Why else would anyone accept a 1000 percent markup on a magnum of Grey Goose when he could get a couple of bottles from the corner store and drink them in the limo with a $250-per-hour escort and an eight-ball of booch for roughly the same price?"


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