Sunday, May 15, 2005

Best Criminal Band Names

I made reference in an earlier post to good band names that come from crime reading. In that instance, it was my use of the phrase 67-Stab Wound Shanking, which would be an awesome hardcore band. I must also mention that the rapper C-Murder was, in fact, convicted for murder. And that's kinda funny.

Anyway, here are some other criminal phrases just waiting to be picked up by a canny group:

The Chinaman's Vig
Christopher on the Sopranos once said, explaining to Tony why he was late, "I had to go pick up the Chinaman's vig." I fell in love with the phrase. I see the band as being a shoegazery trip-hop band.

Mobster Corpse Dump
Maybe this one would be a better song title.

The Cackle Bladders
Maybe a swing band.

Felonius Monk
I was heart-broken a while back to find out that I wasn't the only person to think up this name. Still, if I ever become a gangster rapper ...

Feel free to suggest more.


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