Saturday, May 14, 2005

Crime Spree 4 Kidz: Missing Children

(Crime Spree 4 Kidz is a regular feature of the Crime Spree for parents who don't know how to explain crimes to their children. Let the Bookhouse Boy do it for you. Plop the kid down and I'll set 'em straight).

Crime Spree 4 Kidz! Posted by Hello

Kids: if you've been watching the news a lot with your parents, you might have seen something very scary: white children going missing. Yes, white children, some with blonde hair and sparkling big eyes, sometimes get taken away from their parents. It can be very scary, if you are a little white child. Coulld you be kidnapped?

Maybe: there's a lot of scary people out there looking to hurt white children. But if you play smart and don't talk to strangers, you can stay safe. And if you are kidnapped, you still have a chance, because the news will put your white face on TV. They might even show your white, smiling face on cable!

But what if you aren't white? Then do whatever you like. Don't you watch the news? No one abducts black children.


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