Friday, May 06, 2005

The Crime Spree is going places

The crimeblogging world is pretty small. Allow we to quote from Huff from the Dark Side, who says it better than I could:
As a blogger, I seem to be a member of a rather select group.
The blogosphere, according to some in the mainstream press, is all about the politics. There are only two blogs as far as CNN is concerned, it seems -- Instapundit, and DailyKOS -- both hugely popular, almost completely politically oriented weblogs.
If they need human interest filler, the mainstream news will tell you blogging is done by 20 to 30-something mostly
stay-at-home Moms with great recipes and Erma Bombeck outlooks with 21st-century twists.
But we know this weblog thing is bigger than that, don't we?

Huff is kind enough to include the Crime Spree in his list of crimeblogs of note. This is right on the heels of Laura James of CLEWS putting me on a similar list. Color me flattered. And be sure to check out the other sites that they mention. For a while I've felt like I was writing in a vacuum, so its nice to find other people who have my same interests. Although I seem to be the only one who makes dick jokes.


Anonymous Steve Huff said...

"Although I seem to be the only one who makes dick jokes."

And that's why you are very special!

The world could always use more dick jokes and prison rape shtick, I say.

6:19 PM  

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