Friday, May 20, 2005

The Friday Crime Spree

Here's a new feature for my dedicated readers: every Friday i'm going to do quick takes on some of the crimes and crime news that have popped up this week.

An A for style, but still poor form
A North Carolina teen shoots his parents, goes to prom.

True Crime isn't
Last year's lousy video game True Crime has a sequel. Check out the crime-filled contest.

No thought police here
Teens arrested in "hate crime" at middle school for spitting. So if they pick on you for being a geek, they join the football team, but racists go to jail.

I can see that
A Columbian town bans gossip.

Kids say the darndest things
A massive British manhunt is called off after police figure out that a ten-year-old rape victim made it all up.

I learned it from watching you!
The jury is out on a father/son crime spree.

I saw the worst minds of my generation destroyed by coat hangers
Does abortion lower the crime rate?


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