Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sticks and stones ...

Does this sound right to you? A man charged with a felony because of the words he used? Maybe I'm missing something here; maybe the guy broke the law in some other capacity that isn't being made clear. But, come on people. A felony is a serious thing.

I hate to take the side of racists, but words are words. And this looks, on the face of it, like total bullshit. From the article, it looks like the most this guy could be charged with is trespassing. A few racial slurs bumps that up to a felony, huh?

Can anyone defend this?


Blogger Henry Garfield said...

There is in fact no defense for this sort of thing, at least if you’re an American with a basic grasp of the first amendment. But you have to realize that in Europe and Canada, racially offensive speech is illegal. White power people in those counties are regularly jailed for expressing their political opinions. I’m afraid the U.S. may be heading in that direction. Oh, and incidentally, I’m now off the fence on one social issue: I am now officially opposed to hate crime laws.

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