Friday, June 03, 2005

Friday Crime Spree

He said as he stole your wallet:
Gipsies aren't criminals, says gipsy.

Well, that does it for heroin
The UN has invited NATO to step in to cut down on Afghani poppy production.

What, no garlic?
Australian police investigate a vampire murder.

Sounds like a hate crime to me
Seattle police are cracking down on Latino gangs.

Kids these days
In a second killer-kid story this week, three pre-teens are being questioned for attempted murder of a five-year-old.

Admit it, it's funny
I don't know if Michael Jackson touches boy-wang or not. But I hope he goes to jail, because I think it would be hilarious.

Self-loathing jews beware
A black woman sends racist messages to other blacks to create a scene. Hate crime!

No jokes for this one
The nine-year-old murderer divides a family.


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