Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Crime Spree

First, Do No Harm
An Indian doctor responsible for 87 deaths in Australia?

Have I Heard This Story Before?
It's hard to fight drug smuggling in a country whose income comes from drug smuggling. Maybe it's a Narco-State.

I Can See That
In India, 13 convicted for murder of three ... over right-of-way through a field.

Might As Well Ban Pints
Britain looks at banning rowdies from pubs.

Maybe There's a Good Explanation
When you carjack and kill a deacon, man, you're screwed.

Like Outlawing Dildos to Decrease Jerking Off
Scotland hopes banning replica weapons will lower the violent crime rate.

Um, What?
Mayor of Minneapolis wants firefighters to be crimefighters too.

At Least it Made the Service Interesting
Man attempts muder during church.

You think?
Jordan's Attorney General says the six-month sentence for a man who "honor-killed" his sister is too light.


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