Wednesday, June 01, 2005

What's missing from this story?

Please read this story about the re-investigation of the murder of Emmett Till. No, go read it now. I'll wait.

Okay, what was missing?

Why did they dig the body up? It isn't in the article anywhere. There's an aside about proving the body is Till's. There's a bit about new questions raised by a film-maker. Well, what are they?

This New York Times article answers a little more, but still ... why do people question the body's identity?

Well, it turns out that as far as I can tell, for no good reason. It's just something the racists cooked up to cover up how evil the bastards were back then. But it'd be nice for someone to say so.


Blogger Tom said...

I saw something about them digging up Emmett Till the other day on TV. I was wondering why. I figured I was pretty well informed on that case, and I didn't realize there was any doubt or confusion. I thought the pictures in Jet pretty much settled everything. Keep us posted.


4:43 PM  

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