Sunday, July 24, 2005

Crime Blog Roundup

Does Steve Huff not sleep? Does he have a family fortune that allows him to fight crime, a Bruce Wayne of crimeblogging? Aside from his personal blog and the legendary (and voluminous) Dark Side, he has started the Twilight Kingdom (a blog dedicated to missing persons). Not only are Steve's posts huge, they are also heavily researched and insightful. I think I hate him.

Meanwhile, the clever CLEWS has a story about the fate of the Unabomber's autobiography, now lingering in limbo. It's a bit outside the normal CLEWS range. in fact, it seems more a story for Extreme Politics. If you don't read that blog, start. Tracking the many threads of extremists in our country, Extreme Politics is headed for a wide audience once it gets discovered. Most websites tracking these folks will go after the racists but leave PETA alone, or vice versa. But Henry over at EP knows they are all nuts.

Since In the Hat came back from a bit of a hiatus, it seems than more of the gang members he writes about have discovered the site. Check out this history of hispanic gangs someone left in his comments section. No other blogger is closer to the front lines than In the Hat.

On the other side of the crime spectrum, White Collar Crime Prof has an op-ed written by someone close to the Bernard Ebbers case. Does the guy deserve to die in jail? Um, I really don't know. Better ask the prof.

A recent post from the Trenchcoat Chronicles has a bit more on the "zombie terrorist." You might not remember the case, but a high-schooler in Kentucky got busted for planning an attack on his school. He claimed it was just a zombie story, and a bunch of dipshits on the web started crowing about how stupid Kentucky cops were for thinking zombies were going to attack the school. Of course the cops didn't think that, but just watch: we could have the next WM3-lite here. I was planning on following this case myself, but, well, you know me and my lack of focus.


Anonymous Steve Huff said...

Firstly, no, I don't sleep. It's a long and tedious story about my father volunteering me as an infant for a top-secret military study of the human sleep cycle and it just gets worse from there.

Actually, I just couldn't get the idea out of my head. Can't thank you enough for plugging it so quick. I had the missing/john/jane does blog idea some while back, then peeps started asking me to write stuff, so I figured, why not?

Again, appreciate the plug -- and you're right about Clews. People who don't read one of the most intelligently written blogs I've seen don't know what they're missing.

9:42 PM  
Blogger Trench said...

In the Kentucky case what the free speech advocates always fail to mention is that William Poole tried to recruit other students to help him. Plus he had his bond revoked for violating the terms by showing up on school property.

Thanks for the plug. I'm linking you BTW. :)

11:23 PM  

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