Thursday, July 14, 2005

I wanna play

New Zeland's collective undies (they only wear them collectively) are in a bunch over a new game that lets players grow and manage drug crops (pot or opium, thanks for asking) and lets players shoot it out with the cops instead of going quietly.

Remember that craze of mushroom stomping back when we were all playing Super Mario? Remember the way we were jumping on all the iron girders we could find, hoping they would take us to the big Level Up rooms in the sky. How turtles became an endangered species when we kept kicking them down sidewalks, hoping to clear traffic?

I remember my two favorite games when I was a very young child were Elevator Action and Karate Champ. I did end up taking a few Tae Kwon Do classes, but I never did shot anyone coming out of an elevator.

Maybe, just maybe, games are games. Does chess lead to a strong respect for monarchy? Hmm ...


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