Sunday, August 14, 2005

Beats wallet-making

Check this out: a summer camp where little kids inspect crime scenes and try to solve fake crimes. Is this okay?

There in the heat of a hot August afternoon, with hands supposed to be in pockets or behind backs and with their imaginations running wild, the campers found Resusu's body, actually Penn State-Beaver's much-used CPR mannequin.

She was lying face up on the porch, head in a pool of blood, obviously dead. Blood was splattered on the house's outside walls and more of what appeared to be blood drops were speckled about the porch's wooden floor.
I'm (perhaps obviously) not a parent. And lord knows that I purposefully exposed myself to all sorts of mind-polluting material as a child. Gleefully. But it seems kind of strange to immerse your nine-year-old in murderin'.

PS - Is that movie poster awesome or what?


Blogger Trench said...

Older teens maybe but 9-13 seems a little young to me.

5:31 PM  

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