Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Bookhouse is Open!

I have created a sister site for The Crime Spree: The Bookhouse. It's filled (well, it's getting filled) with reviews and comments on the best of true crime, false crime and crime cinema. I'd also like it to be a place where fans of crime culture can discuss their favorites, so please use the comments section to get conversations started.

I've really been enjoying the way that crimeblogging has been influencing the news right now. And I'm also happy that a community of crimebloggers seems to be shaping up nicely. And Steve Huff is on a one-man mission to make the mainstream give a little respect to crimebloggers. What on Earth is going on?

But my peers (um, though not in readership ... these guys all squash me) focus on reality, a place I don't spend too much time. And while there are lots of places for people to discuss real cases and true crime, I don't know of anyplace to talk about true crime books as books (instead of as parts of a certain case) or crime flicks and books. (If there is such a place, well, now there are two such places).

The Bookhouse
is little threadbare right now, with only about 20 reviews, but I'll be adding more both new and classic stuff. I hope you enjoy it.


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I'll get the link up shortly.

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