Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Crime Fiction

The Bookhouse Boy is looking for someone, anyone, who publishes short crime fiction. Print is nice, but even a website would be okay. I've been searching for a couple of hours now and all I've learned is that crime fiction is way more popular in England than it is here. Aside from the well-named Crimespree magazine, I haven't seen much here stateside. Please leave a comment if you know where I could send this story I've got. I've half a mind to just publish it here and be done with it.

By the way, I added Out of Sight and I, the Jury to the Bookhouse.


Anonymous Acoustic Kitty said...

Hi. I am also interested in publishing small works of non-fiction. There are two places I have found that are GREAT!
1) http://www.lulu.com/ LULU is a great place to publish your own stuff.

2) You can drum up interest at the Crime Spree and then sell downloadable PDF versions at Amazon.com. It is easy to be a seller there.

Here are two reviews for Lulu that made me check it out:


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