Friday, August 05, 2005

Crime of the week ...

This is so awesome. A guy told his wife he murdered a hitchhiker just so she'd leave him. Actually, he just found a dude's wallet and made the rest of it up. That's a wee bit passive-agressive, homie.

Well, the question remains unanswered: did she come back when she found out he was lying.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must admit I laughed hysterically as this one, almost fell off my chair, of course I love to laugh, it is the great equalizer. I am neither an unemployed writer or a gossip monger, just an artist who lives here in Carmel, Ca, and I am fairly new to the Web and blogging. Why you ask, well, I am "from the 60's" and have been out enjoying nature and life all these years. I am also an amateur sleuth and have read the true crime book, Night Stalker and Mind Hunter, among others, which eventually has lead me to your site, which is funny. I will keep reading.

6:40 PM  

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