Sunday, August 21, 2005

Crimeblog Round Up

Once again, here's what's going on in some of the other crime blogs you should be reading.

The Special Constable: This Brit copper has an interesting post on how the policeman's oath has changed over the years.

Wally over at In the Hat has the most interesting comments section of any blog I read. These cats know what they are talking about: in this case, informants.

Henry Garfield over at Extreme Politics took the interesting and ballsy decision to directly engage some neo-nazis in a conversation on their own message boards. Here, he reports his results. He's also found a report that suggests that Muslim terrorists may be recruiting African Americans in our prison system. Which is bad.

Trench asks a question I echo: who cares what Mumia Abu Jamal thinks about anything?

Steve Huff is having fun (okay, that's not the right word) with sex-offender maps. Cyber-sleuthing is getting easier every day. At what point does that stop being a good thing? Steve's other blog, the missing persons report The Twilight Kingdom, has a tale of a judge who has been missing for 75 years, and may be found yet.

That's a story that CLEWS would have jumped on, were not Laura James on vacation.

In the self-promotion column, I'm still adding reviews to the Bookhouse. Recently added: Blood Simple, A Better Tomorrow, The Spanish Prisoner.


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