Sunday, August 14, 2005

Dark Deceptions

I had family in town this weekend. Along with some truly great food (Grimaldi's pizza, Nathan's hot dogs, beef marrow, oysters, tomato sorbet with Parmesan foam, a banana split at one point ... the Bookhouses eat well), part of the weekend consisted of checking out the opening night of Dark Deceptions. It's a one man show put together by Todd Robbins, an interesting fellow. Deceptions is an attempt to re-create a 19th century seance. As you can tell by the name, it's done to illustrate that those who claim to talk to the dead are con men.

It was a half-successful show. As Robbins admits before getting into character, the type of magic done by those guys is really pretty lousy stuff. Robbins asked the audience members to, in effect, be stupid and go along with the show. But these are New Yorkers ... they wouldn't allow themselves to play along, and Robbins threw in too much comedy. It broke the mood.

But still, the final portion of the show, which took place in the total dark, was kinda spooky. (My sister screaming certainly helped). Robbins seems like a pretty good performer. I'd like to see him do a modern-day "talking with the dead" show ... although it's all pretty lame stuff too.


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