Monday, August 29, 2005

Did Someone Shoot Suge or Did Suge Shoot Suge?

It's not only a tongue twister ... it's a question police are asking. As much as I enjoy the idea of Suge Knight shooting himself in the ass, I'm pulling for a new rap war. I think that we can all agree that P-Diddy (I'm not dropping the "P" until I see the whites of his eyes) needs some fear in his life. Think of all the things a new rap war could bring us:

*Black velvet paintings of Lil Jon with a single tear running down his face

*More interesting music awards parties

*Ice Cube ... done with crap movies and back in the studio with Dr. Dre

*Nelly acting hard

*More bad murals in Brooklyn!


Anonymous Joe said...


Also, who is this Diddy? Oh, you mean Puff Daddy.

8:05 AM  

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