Saturday, August 27, 2005

A "False Criminal" Dies

A few posts down I wrote about the stupid "political movement" known as Yomango, or "I steal": people who shoplift in the name of bad politics. It posits stealing as a politically liberating artform. It's wrong.

The concept of "Urban Exploration," however, is right on. The idea is basically to take the skills of a master thief, and use them to steal nothing but experiences. As a crime fiction writer imagines himself committing crimes, the Urban Explorer goes places he is not supposed to go (but not, I must add, into truly private areas) using the same means a thief might. It's a truly interesting concept, and while it can get gussied up by talk of public spaces and facades, I imagine its the visceral thrill of sneaking that makes it fun.

The leading proponent of the artform, Ninjalicious, passed away on the 23rd due to cancer. It's especially sad as his first book, Access All Areas, is just getting ready to be released (I saw it today in a New York bookstore, but Amazon says it isn't to be released until October 25). The website for his zine Infiltration can fill you in on the hobby.


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