Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Hammerskin concert etiquette

My friend Sarah Hepola wrote this article on a fistfight gone bad at an Old 97s concert in Dallas. Man, those Hammerskins are a bucket of chuckles, aren't they? The dipshit in question here broke a guy's neck. But, he was also charged with organized criminal activity (which appears to be a RICO-esque crime) as well, which seems to be pushing it, as it wasn't a group beatdown.

I'll be interested in what Henry Garfield and my trad skin readers make of the article. For instance: Sarah mentions that the Hammerskins often fought other skinheads, mentioning in passing that the others were non-racist. I have to wonder: haven't non-racist skinheads lost the media battle? Please discuss.


Blogger Henry Garfield said...

The non-racist skins never even got off a shot in the battle for media recognition. To this day, I get looks of amazement when I tell people that back in the day I met a couple of black skinheads. The media, for whatever reason, never even noted the existence of no-racist skins. As for the article, it’s interesting, but I tend to agree that this case has little to do with the fact that the perpetrators involved were (or are) Hammerskins. It sounds like a particularly savage bar fight. That this kind of thing happens is one of the reasons I don’t go out to shows much anymore.

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