Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Heroin Chic in Remission

(Edit: I've kept up on this case, for more on Mellie and Maria, please visit The Crime Spree)

There's a bad batch of heroin floating around New York City that's already killed six people. To make matters worse for the drug dealers who've been selling the smack, two of the victims were attractive young co-eds, making this the kind of story that the New York Daily News can put of its front page for weeks. Not to make light of the deaths of Mellie Carballo (right) and Maria Pesantez, but the News doesn't even mention the other victims until the 11th paragraph. And then in the 13th paragraph they get around to mentioning that there are 900 drug-related deaths in New York every year.

Look, kids ... heroin is bad news. I shouldn't have to tell you that. Police aren't sure if this batch was tainted or abnormally pure, but you simply shouldn't put something in your veins that you bought from a guy you wouldn't share a sandwich with.


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