Monday, August 15, 2005

I Like Sex and Violence

OR "The Death of the Casual Boob"

Slate today has a great article (by their always fantastic Edward Jay Epstein) on why there is almost no sex in film today. (Short answer: Wal-Mart). Epstein doesn't address, however, the huge impact that the introduction of the PG-13 rating system had on film. He mentions NC-17 (the worst thing to happen to film in a long time), but the PG-13 rating allowed filmmakers to cram plenty of violence into a film and still market it to teens ... as long as there wasn't a casual boob in there.

By coincident, today is the release date for the DVD of Sin City, a film that not only had casual boobs but a great deal of casual violence as well. You probably haven't noticed the picture of Rosario Dawson to the left yet. But it is from the film, in which Dawson plays queen of the killer hookers. Sin City is so fun.

And Sin City is as graphic as a film can get without getting a NC-17 rating ... and has more nudity than you've seen in a film in a while. But director Robert Rodriguez has never ran from sex in film. In fact, he probably should get a lifetime achievement award for filming the Salma Hayek/Antonio Banderas nude scene in Desperado. Compared to his contemporary Quentin T, especially. For all the violence in Q's films, I can only think of one sex scene, and that one (in Jackie Brown) was played for laughs.


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