Thursday, August 04, 2005

Meth madness, meet the Patels

It's not often that Springfield, MO, is ahead of the curve for anything, but the recent upswing in meth madness is pretty amusing to those of us who grew up with it. I tried meth once, ten years ago. It's a nasty, nasty drug. I really don't understand the appeal at all: what, you don't like sleep?

Anyway, along with this Slate article deconstructing Newsweek's little hysteria, check out this article on busting Indian store owners who've been busted for selling meth fixings. The Times seems to but the claim that these store owners didn't know what they were selling ... that strikes me as a little naive. Just like the inner city store owners who sell a whole lot of steel wool (for crack pipes), I imagine that, Indian or not, people who sell a lot of cough medicine are going to know exactly why after a while.


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