Monday, August 29, 2005

Patricia Cornwell Doesn't Know Jack

Patricia Cornwell, the American crime writer who wrote the very bad Portrait of a Killer: Case Closed, has taken out full-page ads in a couple of papers defending herself from critics. Apparently, she was upset that this article wasn't a fluff piece and actually included people of an opposing viewpoint. Well, Pat, if you're going to go around claiming to solve perhaps the world's most famous unsolved crime, perhaps you ought to toughen up a bit.

I am not a Jack the Ripper expert. I've read several books on the case, but in today's world that doesn't mean much. Since I find it highly unlikely that the killer will ever be found (or, I should say, that it will ever be proven: so many people have been accused of being Jack the Ripper that someone may have got it right by accident) I prefer to enjoy the ludicrous myths of From Hell than argue over meaningless minutiae. But I can spot shoddy sleuthing just fine, and Cornwell sets off lots of alarms in that area. So I'm not the person to rebuff Cornwell's huffy claims. I'll let the Casebook do that for me.


Blogger Trench said...

I was partial to Batman vs. Jack the Ripper myself. I forget teh exact title of the graphic novel.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Steve Huff said...

All I can say is, you damn right on this one, bro. She was off her meds when she wrote that book.

9:55 AM  

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