Sunday, August 07, 2005

Technology in the wrong hands ...

New York City has just implemented a Real Time Crime Center, which is basically a giant supercomputer that tracks crime (in real time, natch) and searches for peaks and patterns. It will deliver instant updates to policemen in the field.

This is going to end badly. Am I the only person who has seen Robocop? Or, more to the point, Wargames? All it's going to take is one Matthew Broderick-lookin' hacker to sneak into the system at type in "I want to play Grand Theft Auto." And the whole city will be in chaos! Chaos, I say.

I know what you are saying: "But what about the Batcomputer? It certainly helped Batman fight crime! Well, you answered your own question. Batman was involved. He can have anything he wants. Matthew Broderick couldn't hack the Batcomputer. But you think Sipowicz can stop hackers? He probably doesn't even update his virus shield software.


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