Monday, August 01, 2005

Whatta guy!

The New York Daily News is running a series of articles (labeled "diaries") written by the widow of John Gotti. While some of you might think that running the unchecked and unproven words of a sponge of filthy lucre might be a rather distasteful thing to do, let me tell you: It's worse.

Mrs. Gotti is full of information about the life of her husband, if by "information" you mean "dirty, dirty lies." Here are some "facts" you can learn from Mrs. Mafia:

Sammy the Bull is a lying rat (okay, that one is probably true. But so what?)

John Gotti had nothing to do with the death of the man who accidentally ran over his son.

The Federal Medical Prison in Springfield, MO, is worse than a third world prison.

John never cheated on her. Those lying FBI guys made all that up.

Bravo, New York Daily News, for giving the Gotti family all this free, unedited publicity while another one goes on trial.


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