Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Best Bad Movies: The Boondock Saints

There are some movies that are so bad, they are good, although their numbers are not as great as we think. This GQ list is interesting, but they put Purple Rain on the list. Sure, Morris Day can't act, but that's some of the best "concert" footage of all time, man! Actually, that GQ list confirms that I love bad movies. Rocky III? Hells, yes. Point Break? Of course. Legend? Okay, that movie is truly bad, but Tim Curry is tits as the devil. Flash Gordon? Are they kidding me? "Flash! Aaaah-ah! He'll save every one of us!" New Jack City? How dare they. Road House, the best bad movie of all time? Brother, I own that film.

One of the best B-movies I've ever seen is the 2000 ode to vigilantism The Boondock Saints. Featuring two Boston Irish brothers with commando skills and proficiency in enough languages to work as UN interpreters, who start the movie working in a meat packing plant, the film is truly bad in many ways. It's ludicrous from start to finish, it's got some bad writing and worse acting (the guy who plays the Mafia don is hilariously bad). It features a performance from Wilem Defoe that bounces from brilliant to pure camp ... as does the movie as a whole. It features a few truly innovative action scenes (such as when Defoe, as an FBI agent hunting the brothers, explains how the gunfight took place as it rages around him ... a contemporaneous flashback. And the whole film exists in such a manic, fevered state that its practically punk rock. Basically, writer/director Troy Duffy made the exact movie I thought I would have made if someone had given me 10 million dollars when I was 13. If you've any interest in B-action, and you haven't seen it ... well, go see it.


Blogger Tom said...

Boondock Saint is one of my all-time favorite movies. How can you not love Ron Jeremy? Or the cat?
I still want to get "Untouched by Man" tattooed on my throat. Absolutely brilliant.


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