Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

I sit in an odd place in the blogosphere. Since I enjoy thinking about crime as a cultural item, I am attracted to sites about both the true crime that shapes our world and the false crime (or crime fiction) that it inspires. To my knowledge, there is no other blog like mine out there. This isn't always a good thing ... it probably keeps my readership down compared to a tightly focused blog like CLEWS.

But I simply cannot focus any tighter than I am, or I would have to run five or six blogs (instead of one with an annex). For instance, here are all of the things I have done this week relating to crime culture:

1). Re-watched the awesome crime film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

2). Followed up watching the enthralling true crime documentary The Staircase with reading the not-so-awesome but more honest Perfect Husband about the same case (more on this later).

3). Continued watching DVDs of the BBC crime drama Cracker. Have you watched this? Robbie Coltrane (above) is a damn fine actor.

4). Started and immediately stopped watching DVDs of the awful gambling drama Las Vegas.

5). Finished up a piece of short crime fiction, "Johnny Cash is Dead."

6). Scoured the web for places to submit said story, in other words crime fiction sites.

7). Worked on this damn blog.

8). Bought a t-shirt with Pablo Escobar on it, then wondered if it was in really bad taste.

9). Looked into signing up for a mystery writing class at the Gotham Writer's Workshop

10). Tried to decide if my long awaited next video game purchase would be Scarface, 25 to Life or something else

11). Wondered if maybe I shouldn't spend so much time thinking about crime.

12). Found myself exploring a lot of crime fiction writers' websites.


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