Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Crime, crime everywhere, but not a drop of blood ...

Sorry for the sporatic posting, but my attention is being dragged in about a dozen directions right now. Between my paying work as a DVD and film critic and my own lust for cinema, I'm averaging about two movies a day right now. And I'm averaging two books a week. (Speaking of both, I've got over 50 entries now at the Bookhouse. Which has only made me realize how many entries its going to take before the thing is even halfway worthwhile ... it might be a year before I'm really proud of it. But here are some new entries: The Italian Job, How to Stop Time, The Staircase, The Run of His Life.)

And I'm working on my fiction. I got "Johhny Cash is Dead" accepted at a crim fic website, I'll post the link when its up. Now I'm working on a story called "Canary in a Bosnian Bar." Fun titles. I start a mystery-writing class at the Gotham Writer's Workshop on Monday.

Blah, blah, blah ... none of this is bringing you the crime culture you crave. Sorry about that.


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