Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Popcorn Lunch: Green Street Hooligans

After having such a good time playing hooky last Friday with my trip to see Transporter 2, I decided to make my own tradition of the Friday Popcorn Lunch. This week, a movie I've been looking forward to for a while: Green Street Hooligans. Starring Elijah Woods as a down-on-his-luck Yank who stumbles into the West Ham football firm, Green Street is refreshingly sympathetic to the idea of brawling as a hobby. The film owes a certain debt to Fight Club, but where Fincher's film felt the need to condemn the violence by making a transitive step to fascism, Green Street keeps it simple. Violence is hardwired into men, we sublimate it (um, look at what I'm interested in) and at the right time a fistfight can be a re-affirming thing. Even at the inevitable downturn of the third act, the film refuses to totally repudiate the lads. Oh, and as every critic feels the need to point out, there is a certain tinge of homoeroticism involved in the whole thing (there's exactly one female character in the film). Okay, fine,we've mentioned it. Let's move on.

Oh, and to my soccer fan readers: yeah, about three minutes of film is set in the stadium. So don't get your hopes up.


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