Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Popcorn Lunch: A History of Violence

Today's popcorn lunch, served at the lovely Loews multiplex near the Lincoln Center: David Cronenberg's A History of Violence (based on the graphic novel of the same name). This is a terrific film, full of both blood-pumping violence (literally) and meditations on the same. The less you know of the story, the better. Enough to say the Viggo Mortensen is pretty good as a small-town family man, Maria Bello is both effective and horribly sexy as his wife, and that Ed Harris and William Hurt are top-notch as very bad men. Both emotions and bodies are torn open in the film.

In classic Cronenberg style, the movie is that rarest of things: an intelligent potboiler. Which might just be the best kind of movie on earth.


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