Thursday, September 22, 2005

Get inked, holmes

A tip of the hat to Will L., who hipped me to this list of popular inmate tattoos. Before you get too shocked at some of the entries, remember that women go to prison too.

It's all weak tea compared to the stuff in this book I picked up in the Village the other day on Russian prison tattoos. Russian people are crazy. Just frickin' nuts. I mean, they sit around and drink beet soup and vodka and kill millions of their countrymen and turn Tsarist and Communist and super-capitalist mafia and freeze to death in gulags while watching long, boring movies by Tarkovsky and watch their women turn from ravishing sex goddesses to malformed hags in two days and it makes them go out and get pornographic tattoos on their faces.


Anonymous Mexican Mafia Tattoos said...

The Mexican Mafia is very well organized. Depending on which Mexican Gang you look at each one has several different Mexican Mafia Tattoos.

11:01 AM  

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