Sunday, September 18, 2005

More on co-ed heroin

I can't find it on their on-line edition, but today's New York Post (whom my alter-ego writes for occasionally, I should mention) publishes some nasty innuendo from a parent of heroin OD victim Maria Pesantez. Juan Carlos, the father of the deceased, has taken it upon himself to blame Maria's friend Mellie Carballo for both of the teens' fatal drug usage.

Carlos insists, with no evidence, that Carballo was paid in narcotics to hook other teens, and that Maria was murdered by drug dealers to hide the fact of Carballo's overdose. This is obviously the words of a grieving person in denial, and it seems odd that the Post would find fit to publish totally unsubstantiated attacks against a dead person. Well, okay, maybe it isn't odd, but it doesn't sit right either.

(Note: I get a lot of hits for the name "Mellie Carballo," some I suspect from people in the same scene. I'm interested in learning more about the New York party scene for a possible story. If you're a part of the scene, please drop me a line at crime-spree "at"

Not much to do with crime, but in more New York tabloid news, check out this story from the New York Daily News about a lawsuit filed against the producers of Extreme Makeover.


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