Tuesday, September 06, 2005

More on nasty blog-rings ...

Steve Huff took my advice (and my mixed metaphor, which he helpfully corrected) and put out some links to the pedophile sites on Livejournal and Xanga, as did Trench. I invited Henry Garfield to respond to my last post, which he did in the comments section. Read the whole thing, but he really makes some intersting points here ...

Should we (bloggers) publish links to these sites? Ah, the big question. My answer is no. On my blog, there are links to several white power sites, which some people would find offensive. The difference is that, no matter how twisted they are, the neo-Nazis are in fact putting forth a legitimate political ideology worthy of discussion. The pedophiles, as I have mentioned, are not. As for the shining light on cockroaches theory, I’ve never really bought it. The feds are already aware of all of these sites. They don’t need a heads-up from us. And most people already know that pedophiles are scumbags. They don’t need to see a site to reaffirm it. As a final note, it’s possible that the authorities have implanted spyware on these sites to record the identifying numbers of computers who log on. Even if it’s a long shot, we shouldn’t be sending people to a site that could put their name on a government watch list.
So, consider yourself warned. I understand Garfield's point, although it is still my opinion that if you're going to discuss something, link to it so I can see for myself. However, I still only went to two of the sites that Steve linked to before I wanted to upchuck.

I'm suspecting the mainstream media will be jumping on this story soon enough, which should be really interesting.

EDIT: 11:43 pm September 6

Steve and Trench have pulled their links for very good reasons. Please ignore my arguments.


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